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ok. Keeping a blog takes some work and I often times find this activity falling to the bottom of the list of things to do. So after more than a month I am finally getting back to posting something and I resolve to do this more often. Let’s hope I can make it stick.

I wanted to share a couple of things that I have worked on. The first is, I decided to make my “Caution F- Bombs” linocut print into a wood sign. I wanted this sign to be more convenient for people to hang in their man cave, garage, or office and I feel having it as a wood sign with a hook for hanging makes this sign more user-friendly.

Secondly, I had brainstormed a humors card for someone to give to their man and what that card ended up being was the “You’re A Stud” wood stud card. I had this new wood card available at the Grand Cities Artfest, a few weeks ago and enjoyed see people’s reactions—ranging from a good chuckle to some eye-rolls.


For Placement Only Wood SignThe process for these pieces of wall décor took a little longer than I had anticipated, but I finally finished them and they are up on my etsy site! In the graphic design world, FPO stands for FOR PLACEMENT ONLY. It is a low-resolution photo or blank placeholder that is stamped with the letters FPO and is used in design layouts to show where the final photo will be placed before printing. Making this wood sign a playful “FPO” piece of wall art. I even added one to my family photo wall.