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Holiday Card Holly Jolly Christmas

Holiday Cards Fruit Cake and Ho Ho Ho

HOliday Card Linocut Samples

i love the Christmas holiday season… but I don’t like to jump on that band-wagon till the day after Thanksgiving. It is difficult to keep the holidays at bay when you are working on projects that are specifically for holiday season.

This last month, I decided to put together a few Christmas/Holiday cards. These are the few I got done: “Wishing You A Holly Jolly Christmas” and “HO HO HO” (which are both blank in the inside), and “I Was Going To Get You A Fruit Cake… (inside) But I Thought This Card Would Taste Better.” Each of the cards started as drawings in my sketchbook and then I made them into hand-carved linocuts that were stamped on kraft cards.


I Like Big Words And I Cannot Liei have new journals and prints that I’m excited to get uploaded to my shop. So… I took advantage of the sun yesterday, to take product shots. You can see my set-up isn’t fancy but it works. I just have to move around the house to find the place with the best light.

The lined notebook on the right was inspired by the “I like big books and I cannot lie” book bags that people are creating. I thought it was a good idea to make writers, bloggers, and authors a humorous notebook to express their love of BIG words.

cowboy boothere it is the cowboy boot print! I don’t know if I will get this in my shop till after this weekend. I have been busy with final preparations for the Unglued Craft Fest. My husband made a deadline of Wednesday night and then I can no longer print any more pieces. He knows if there is no deadline I will keep creating new prints till the last-minute.


F Bomb PrintThe concept been done before but I wanted to create my spin on “dropping the f-bomb.” With a 1 1/2 year old running around, my husband (…and I… sometimes) need to watch what we say. We don’t want our baby, Reagan, “dropping f-bombs.” Figured this print would be great wall decor for any man cave, garage, shop, or perhaps, your place of employment.

Plains Art Museum Exterior618love booth spot618love booth and stairsI visited the Plains Art Museum this past Saturday. The Unglued Craft Fest hosted a meet-and-greet for crafters, giving you a chance to see where your booth is located. 618love’s booth will be located on the 3rd floor, right as you come up the stairs or get off the elevator. An awesome booth spot in my opinion! My husband and I spent a lot of our date night talking about how to set-up my space and I am excited to see how our ideas turn out. I will show more later as we start construction.

Sammy GirlAh… my little boston terrier, Sammy, hard at work already. While she does, what she does best, I have packaged up journals and prints. Trying to do a little everyday. Ordered more linoleum and I am awaiting its arrival. I have a couple larger prints I would like to make for the upcoming Unglued Craft Fest… Things are slowly coming together.

For Placement Only Wood SignThe process for these pieces of wall décor took a little longer than I had anticipated, but I finally finished them and they are up on my etsy site! In the graphic design world, FPO stands for FOR PLACEMENT ONLY. It is a low-resolution photo or blank placeholder that is stamped with the letters FPO and is used in design layouts to show where the final photo will be placed before printing. Making this wood sign a playful “FPO” piece of wall art. I even added one to my family photo wall.