i celebrated my 31 birthday about two weeks ago and I received the best gift from Reagan. While out for a walk with nana, they found some of the first wild flowers of the season and brought a few back home from me. I am not normally one to get gooey over flowers but I loved these. I even pressed them in my sketchbook for safe keeping.


back in march on our way to Duluth, MN, my husband and I saw a spectacular moonrise. The moon was just about full and was a giant orange ball on the horizon. Sadly, I don’t have a lens that could do justice to what we saw. Instead I just played around with my camera’s aperture and shutter settings and took a few moonlight photos.

happy 2nd birthday, squeaky! You are such a funny and creative girl. Hats on! xoxo

finally finished what I originally set out to do with my buffalo plaid bison. But in the process of getting there, I found some great ways to get more use out of the linocut—a “Go Bison” print and journal.

this last weekend my husband and I took a quick trip to Duluth, MN to visit some friends. Having graduated from the University of Minnesota-Duluth I have enjoyed many of the tourist attractions and therefore avoided most of them this trip. We did grab a coffee and walk Canal Park popping into a few local stores like, the Duluth Pack. I searched out my all-time favorite Chinese restaurant. It had sadly changed ownership. The food was good but not the same. My fortune cookie seemed to show this sad fact.

Agate hunting was our weekends main activity. During college I spent many hours combing beaches for this interesting stones and hiking the North Shore trails. It was wonderful to get the opportunity to do those things again and have such great weather—55 degrees in March!

We are hoping to get the chance to take another trip there this summer and do a little camping.

Cement Houses

i picked up a tiny concrete city at the Unglued Craft Fest and they are currently adding a little charm to my kitchen window sill.

These adorable concrete houses were created by Chelsea of Raine Design. She is truly passionate about concrete and found objects—using both to create simple (often wearable) designs. Check out more of her wonderful small-scale creations here.

Mommy and Me Exchange JournalMommy and Me Cover Insidethis mommy & me journal is an expanded idea from the love letters journal—which you can read about here and here.

While I don’t want my baby girl to grow-up too fast, I cannot wait for us to become pen pals—exchanging this journal back and forth till it’s full of tiny childhood memories. Then pulling the journal out again when she is much older and reminiscing. It will be such fun!