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Holiday Card Holly Jolly Christmas

Holiday Cards Fruit Cake and Ho Ho Ho

HOliday Card Linocut Samples

i love the Christmas holiday season… but I don’t like to jump on that band-wagon till the day after Thanksgiving. It is difficult to keep the holidays at bay when you are working on projects that are specifically for holiday season.

This last month, I decided to put together a few Christmas/Holiday cards. These are the few I got done: “Wishing You A Holly Jolly Christmas” and “HO HO HO” (which are both blank in the inside), and “I Was Going To Get You A Fruit Cake… (inside) But I Thought This Card Would Taste Better.” Each of the cards started as drawings in my sketchbook and then I made them into hand-carved linocuts that were stamped on kraft cards.


these tea towels are the results of my learning to silk screen this summer and have been available at my booth the last few craft show/street fairs that I have been at. They are now available in my shop.

ok. Keeping a blog takes some work and I often times find this activity falling to the bottom of the list of things to do. So after more than a month I am finally getting back to posting something and I resolve to do this more often. Let’s hope I can make it stick.

I wanted to share a couple of things that I have worked on. The first is, I decided to make my “Caution F- Bombs” linocut print into a wood sign. I wanted this sign to be more convenient for people to hang in their man cave, garage, or office and I feel having it as a wood sign with a hook for hanging makes this sign more user-friendly.

Secondly, I had brainstormed a humors card for someone to give to their man and what that card ended up being was the “You’re A Stud” wood stud card. I had this new wood card available at the Grand Cities Artfest, a few weeks ago and enjoyed see people’s reactions—ranging from a good chuckle to some eye-rolls.

finally finished what I originally set out to do with my buffalo plaid bison. But in the process of getting there, I found some great ways to get more use out of the linocut—a “Go Bison” print and journal.

Mommy and Me Exchange JournalMommy and Me Cover Insidethis mommy & me journal is an expanded idea from the love letters journal—which you can read about here and here.

While I don’t want my baby girl to grow-up too fast, I cannot wait for us to become pen pals—exchanging this journal back and forth till it’s full of tiny childhood memories. Then pulling the journal out again when she is much older and reminiscing. It will be such fun!

I Like Big Words And I Cannot Liei have new journals and prints that I’m excited to get uploaded to my shop. So… I took advantage of the sun yesterday, to take product shots. You can see my set-up isn’t fancy but it works. I just have to move around the house to find the place with the best light.

The lined notebook on the right was inspired by the “I like big books and I cannot lie” book bags that people are creating. I thought it was a good idea to make writers, bloggers, and authors a humorous notebook to express their love of BIG words.

Craft Fest Boothi did it. I survived my first-ever craft show. What an experience!

The Unglued Craft Fest as a whole was a great event. The people who organized everything and made it all happen did an amazing job. There was no-two vendors alike and I am sure that made it a fun and diverse event for the attendees.

I had a lot of wonderful conversations with people who stopped by my booth. It was a rush to see people’s reactions to my prints and probably my favorite part of the day. Thank you to those people who had such kind word to say about my work and to those of you who made purchases.